Greg – DJ Tigs

Greg first started sharing his love of music at Onslow College in 1992; playing music at lunchtime on Radio Onslow.  Greg has been an avid record collector and player since.

He worked for National Radio as a studio operator for 4 years in both live to air as well as pre and post production studio work. Greg worked in production for the Cuba Street Carnival and Whopper Chopper Seaside extravaganza festivals for seven years.

He enjoyed the Wellington rave scene of the 90’s and DJed at numerous parties and festivals over the years. He has recently had a weekly residency in Cuba Street and has been busy Djing at all types of events including corporate gigs, birthdays and weddings. He has also organised and DJed at many school and kindy discos and children’s parties.

Greg is also the father of four beautiful children and works as a Primary School teacher.

Miriam – DJ Misteek

Miriam started DJing in 1999 in Christchurch and started working on Radio Active in Wellington as a DJ in 2002. She DJed on radio for over 10 years, as well as at various bars and club residencies in Wellington.

She was one of the founding members of Yardwise Sound, a live reggae soundsystem which played and toured extensively around New Zealand and played with many international artists at clubs and festivals around the country.  She has been involved in community events such as Cuba Street Carnival and Newtown Festival as a DJ.

She has worked privately as a DJ at numerous parties, corporate gigs and weddings alone and as part of a Yardwise and Sista Sista Sound collectives.

She is also a trained teacher and is involved in Early Childhood, sharing her love of music with young children. She now works full time as a busy mother of three children and manages the Unity DJs business and DJs when she has a chance.